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What is Adult Friend Finder? is the largest and oldest adult dating site on the Internet, making it the 'grand old man' of internet casual dating. Owned by Penthouse Media Group, Adult FriendFinder represents the best in the business, with cutting edge technology and the largest membership base, with over 40 million members and thousands of users actively online at any given moment.
We asked our editors, He and She, to do Adult Friend Finder reviews. They agreed it's still the top adult dating site on the web. They both gave Adult Friend Finder 5 out of 5 hearts, and below they've shared their favorite features of the experience.

Is Adult Friend Finder a legit site for meeting people and hookups?

We asked our editors to try out Adult Friend Finder and answer that question, and here's what they had to say:
He says, "I love Adult Friend Finder! It's the best site on the web and I'm not just saying that because I got laid last night. I love it because it was so EASY to get laid. Two words: Local Search. Best site ever."
She says, "I liked that I was able to read in depth profiles first... Loved the content filter so I could turn off naughty pics, but still see them if I wanted to... I like the idea of hosted mixers, and online video chat was all kinds of hot."

Has anyone used Adult Friend Finder?

Adult Friend Finder has 40 million members, and that number is growing all the time. But don't take our word for it, ask your friends. Most people know someone who has tried online dating, and most people who tried online dating have tried Adult Friend Finder.

Does Adult Friend Finder really work?

Despite being the oldest and largest casual dating site on the web, stays abreast of the latest technical innovations in adult dating online, including video and photo sharing, webcams, and live chat. In addition, they host local events and meet ups that members can attend in a safe public venue. For communicating with members, Adult Friend Finder has the works: email, instant messaging and chat rooms, as well as Advice Line forums and an online magazine full of sexy stories and member-submitted erotica. You can keep tabs on who has been viewing your profile and Hotlist or Flirt with your favorite members.

Is there a website like Adult Friend Finder that is free?

Never fear, signing up and setting up your profile (including uploading photos and videos) is completely free. Paid access makes your search easier, but finding a connection without paying a dime is totally doable.

Is Adult Friend Finder safe and secure?

If you're wondering can Adult Friend Finder site be trusted, rest assured takes your safety seriously, both on and offline. They take steps to ensure your information is kept private from other members and 3rd parties. And they also give tips on how and when to meet members both online and in person. Adult Friend Finder also offers free Confirm ID, a third-party verification service that confirms information like age and gender.

Is Adult Friend Finder worth paying for?

We think Adult Friend Finder is the best bang for your buck. Check out their pricing below.

Gold 12 months $161.82 $8.99
Gold 3 months $59.96 $14.99
Gold 1 month $29.99 $29.99
Silver 1 month $19.99 $19.99
Standard Free $0

Is Adult Friend Finder Real?

As with any site on the internet, scammers and fraud are a concern on Adult Friend Finder, but one they've taken steps to address. Adult Friend Finder's fraud detection team is the best on the web, with a team of experts verifying each profile. Users can easily report obvious scammers and raise flags on questionable activity, photos, or contact.

Has anyone met someone on Adult Friend Finder? Is it easy to use?

It's easier to meet real people on Adult Friend Finder because it has the best navigation system in the industry, with easy tabs to get the user where they want to go, as well as tons of video and photo previews for each member. They've recently streamlined their site, so there are still many options to choose, but it's not so many as to become confusing or cluttered looking. Adult Friend Finder's site is smart and user-friendly, with intuitive dropdowns and lots of graphic content.

Are there real people on Adult Friend Finder? makes it easy to find real people for real sex. With a little common sense, it's easy to avoid the unscrupulous folks who slip through the cracks. Because it's the site with the most members and has literally thousands of members online all the time, users can always find someone to talk to, at the very least. Using the advanced search features that come with Premium membership, users can find each other quickly and chat online to determine compatibility.

Can you meet swingers couples on Adult Friend Finder?

Absolutely. Adult Friend Finder is the largest website for swingers and open couples online. Adult Friend Finder has many forums and groups dedicated to swingers, and helps connect swingers all over the country.

Where does one meet swingers?

Adult Friend Finder is a great place to find local swingers and connect with them online, but once you decide you're ready to meet, what's the safest way to go? There are a few options on how to meet swingers for the first time. A lot of swingers have local clubs or 'meet and greets' where you can local swingers and see if you have any chemistry. If you hit it off, find some neutral ground, like a hotel room, for your first intimate experience. Even if you feel very comfortable with the person you've met through swingers personals, make sure you always have your own ride home and that someone knows where you are.

What is the best way to find swingers or bisexual women open to swingers?

Adult Friend Finder has a great tool for finding a bisexual woman who is ready to swing with you or you and your partner. Search for bisexual girls looking for bisexual couples, or bi couples looking for a third person or bi couple to spice up their sex life. You can mix it up any way you like and Adult Friend Finder will be able to help you find exactly what you want, right in your area. If you're looking for bisexual women or swingers couples, just enter those parameters in the search box, making sure to select 'group sex' under 'Interested in...' You should be living out your swinger fantasies in no time!

How do you find someone for a threesome?

Well, really the question should be how do you find some two for a threesome? If your already in a relationship with a bisexual girl or guy who is open to adding another participant into your sex life, you're halfway there. If you're looking for a bi-couple who want to make your threesome fantasies come true, Adult Friend Finder is a great place to get started.