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Editor's review

What is Amateur Match? makes our top 10 list, but just barely. While it has many of the features and services you'd expect on an adult dating site, it's got some issues that can't be ignored. However, it also has some cute perks that make it note-worthy, particularly the arcade-style games, the private model chat rooms, and the video section (all of which are paid features). The dating aspect of the Amateur Match site gets our lowest marks, and the onsite advertising brings down the enjoyment level, and the ease of use, of the whole site.

We asked our online adult dating experts, He and She, to give us their Amateur Match reviews. She gave Amateur Match 1 out of 5 hearts, and He gave Amateur Match 2 out of 5. Below, read their opinion about the site.

What do He and She think of Amateur Match?

         He says, "As far as adult dating sites go, Amateur Match is kinda the bottom of the barrel. That said, there are some fun extras that come with premium membership. The cams shows were cool but they're only at certain times."
        She says, "The Amateur Match website is sort of annoying. Flashing banners? That's so 1990. I thought the games were pretty funny, but didn't play them."

Does Amateur Match really work?

Low membership numbers make finding an actual hookup on Amateur Match a little harder, but it is possible. If you're near a major city in the US, you should be able to find plenty of members near you. There seem to be some fake profiles on this site, so use caution when contacting or being contacted by any members, and don't give out your personal information to anyone who asks for it during the first exchange.

Is Amateur Match a scam? is not a scam, per se, in that you can build a profile and others have done the same. There are some people trying to legitimately connect on the site, but the membership numbers are small, and some of the flashing ad banners seem purposely placed to trick you into clicking through. Other Amateur Match site reviews have noted a lot of the photographs of female members seem to be of professional models, which might indicate the profiles are not real. Also, if you do not live near a major metropolitan area in the US, you'd do better to try another site.

Is Amateur Match really free?

Amateur Match has free membership, but you don't get much more than being able to build a profile. For all the fun perks, you will need to upgrade.

Gold 3 months $69.00 $23.00
Gold 1 months $29.95 $29.95

Is a legitimate site?

There are a lot of things about Amateur Match that make it a little less legitimate than other adult dating sites. For one thing, the flashing ads and poorly designed navigation. Also the prevalence of the fraudulent profiles with female models is pretty sketchy. However, you can build and maintain a profile, and if you're very careful, you could meet a hot hookup in your area. There seem to be better options for a serious search for casual dating, but if you're just looking for a little online fun, give it a try.

Do adult dating sites like contain real profiles?

The short answer is yes. But there's more to it. Adult dating sites attract dishonest people who want to take advantage of people who are legitimately looking to hook up. Find a site you feel comfortable with, use your common sense, and don't give your personal information to anyone who asks for it in the first exchange. Adult dating sites have real people who are looking for the same things you are, but the only way to find the real ones is to be smart and patient. Good luck!